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Data Strategy

What is a data strategy?

As you build your data platform, you’ll face myriad decisions. Answering these questions in a vacuum or without seeing how leading companies do it is tricky. The specific decision points are deep and can include:

Meanwhile, many data strategy engagements are theoretical and don’t translate to action or impact. Effective data strategies are opinionated and actionable. They are results-oriented and based on the real-life experiences of data practitioners.

You’ll be ready to build an operational data platform and data pipelines with an actionable data strategy.

Our Data Strategies deliver:

Data Engineering

Data engineering is a foundational element for modern businesses. The current market landscape demands agility, detail, and innovation. It would be best if you keep your finger on the pulse of your clients and customers while monitoring operations to make sure that you’re delivering in areas crucial to your success.

A good data infrastructure allows you to easily extract insights that can deliver progress and transformation for your business.

What our Data Engineering Services deliver

Building the foundations of data analysis and science, consolidating your structured and unstructured data and optimizing its flow and delivery for intelligent use


All your data in a single, well-defined, interrogable source of truth, regardless of its source.


Data quality checks for completeness, uniqueness, accuracy, validity and standardization.


Remove data siloes and improve your understanding of your processes and performance.


Data pipelines that make quality data available as immediately as you need it.


Consolidate all current and future data sources from all areas of business operations.


Data foundations that can scale to your growth and pre-prepare you for the future.


Projects can be designed to observe all relevant data privacy obligations.

Crunchlab offers end-to-end data lifecycle management.
We enable businesses to leverage data from transactional systems for all data consumption patterns.

Data Science

Grow closer to your data, even with zero data science skills, and use it safely to uncover possibilities, answer questions and resolve challenges.

Let our team of data scientists, data architects, privacy & infosecurity experts and cloud infrastructure specialists ensure your machine learning project continuously delivers optimum value.

Custom Models

Our data scientists use their expertise and pioneering software to create unique machine learning models, built specifically for your needs.

Data quality

Our data architects will continuously maintain the integrity of your data model and data pipelines, and adapt your dataset as your sources and needs change.

Data safety

Your data and activity will be overseen by our data privacy and security experts, ensuring full adherence to relevant privacy laws, industry regulations & security best practices.

Technology performance

Our global award-winning service desk will maintain the performance, security and availability of your entire machine learning technology stack.


Your machine learning model’s activity will be constantly monitored for any signs of bias, reductions in accuracy or model drift.

Artificial Intelligence

Automation in various technological fields is exponentially growing with the boon of AI Machine Learning technologies. Artificial intelligence, along with its associated technologies, is rapidly innovating the conventional business processes, optimizing their work forms, and giving companies an edge in the competitive market.

The expert team at Crunchlab examines your company’s needs and outlines a detailed plan you can follow to leverage your services to benefit the virtue of AI. Finally, we help you implement the latest solutions that bring guaranteed efficiency, agility, and increased cost efficiency to every aspect of your enterprise.

AI services:

Implement the latest AI-based solutions fused with latest ML technology to handle complex data interpretation, detecting patterns and trends, recognise targets and yield smart business outcomes without any hassle. 


Build dynamic user experiences with smart solutions that interpret natural speaking or writing into adequate consumer input and insights into the optimum actions. Make your consumers your priority and give them the ease of use through our varied solutions.


Computer vision is said to be the future of AI. It essentially emphasizes on the development of technology that functions like a human vision, by building autonomous programs with some abilities to perform the tasks.


Discover the true power of your data. Experience immense ROI growths and stay ahead of the game with our specially crafted algorithms that are designed for success.

Machine Learning Operations (MLOPs)

Machine learning operations (MLOps) is the practice of creating new machine learning (ML)  and deep learning (DL) models and running them through a repeatable, automated workflow that deploys them to production. Seamless data-driven decision delivery for enterprises.

Inferential = descriptive + diagnostics (explain) + anomalous event

Predictive = forecasting

Prescriptive = simulation + experiment + causal analysis

Life cycle management

Advantages of MLOps