Our services

The problem

Organizations, large, medium, or small, operate in a world where every competitor is trying to leverage insights from operational, sales, marketing, or third data party sources. Traditionally, these insights are derived from ad-hoc analysis, spending many resources and efforts using a snapshot of historical data whose origins are usually on-premises silos of information, poorly maintained data warehouses, unorganized shared folders, spreadsheets, documents, and even emails. This problem requires a large amount of human talent to be wasted managing aspects of information systems that should exist only to make it easier for the business to generate insights in the first place.So, how come even though the data that exists within an organization is still cumbersome and challenging to master?

Our solution

Build a Strong Data Infrastructure Foundation

When used correctly, technology is usually imperceptible, but it makes everyone miserable when it fails, and here is wherewe come in. CrunchLab’s approach to the problem is that we use our extensive data engineering know-how and experience to diagnose the state of your information systems and work to improve and optimize the way your data is organized and managed to make it easier to use for downstream decision-making processes. Our approach is value-driven, meaning we organize your information system to match the end business goal. We make every effort to understand your business process before prescribing a solution so you know what you are receiving is molded by your business need.

These optimizations usuallydon’t happen overnight andcome incrementally from alleviating or eliminatingthe dependencies on on-premise hardware by migratingto the cloud usingthe cloud provider that best fits your needs (AWS, GCP, and Azure), decoupling storage from compute requirements for better IT resource management, discovering and consolidating your data sources into a more manageable data lakeand master data,developing or re-engineering data pipelines with faster and more efficient implementations, and help you implement your data governance strategythat will facilitate lean IT operations.

Measure, analyze, generate insight, Act and Repeat Faster

Once a strong data foundation is achieved, it’s playtime! All the effort spent migrating to the cloud, building a single source of truth, developing data pipelines, and implementing a data governance strategy will allow your business to work faster, easier, and more focused on providing value. For example, your business can harness all the data at your disposal for faster time-to-insight by employing descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence. To jumpstart your data value chain, our talented team of data scientists and machine learning engineers are here to help you build your first analytical models that will prove and empower your organization in your new road ahead

Regardless of the algorithm used, if garbage comes in, then garbage will come out. Our data science approach is data-centric, a concept that places the quality and understanding of the data generating process as a first-class citizen in the data value chain. We are proud to say the track records of our algorithms have proved our method in operation in different industries.