Interpretability of Deep Learning Models

Model Interpretability of Deep Neural Networks (DNN) has always been a limiting factor for use cases requiring explanations of the features involved in modelling and such is the case for many industries such as Financial Services. Financial institution whether by regulation or by choice prefer structural models that are easy to interpret by humans that’s […]

Multi-task Deep Learning Architectures Worth Knowing

***For this article I will jump straight to code so I assume you understand most topics about ANN/DL layers (e.g. Fully-Connected Layers, Convolutional Layers, Embeddings, etc.) and know your way around Keras + tensorflow. Also, There is a pretty neat review about Multi-Task learning here that I encourage you to read .*** Deep Learning (DL) is a […]

Soft Skills for Good Data Scientists

Research, prototype, code, test, deploy. That’s how a usual day goes in my life as a data scientist. I work in a large traditional banking organization that is attempting to become a data-driven business. It’s been doing a legitimate attempt by implementing a data science department for the past 2 years. Few people if none […]